FACETS Conversion

All too soon, the temps who helped us so much during this long, tedious process will start to return to a real life.  We enjoyed your company, and it will be an unusual office when you-all are gone.  Quieter, too.

The permanent employees will have to learn to cope without someone to do the thousands of claims you guys have been spitting out.  We don’t know if we will be able to handle it – hopefully more of the provider contracts will auto-adjudicate, and all we’ll be doing are those that hit an error and drop out.

I made this blog so that any of us who have made friends over the past several months can keep in touch.  Let’s not talk about any of the problems we may have encountered during the transition.  Stories about what was happening behind the scenes would be great.  Let’s see how long we keep this going.  Maybe some will plan a reunion or keep in touch on Facebook or by e-mails.

See you for the next project!  I hope I can set up some better features on this blog as it gets started up.  If you’re more familiar with working on blogs, please give me some suggestions on how to proceed.

Carol B.